Vet Wellbeing Awards 2019 Entries are now closed

Well-organised work in a good working environment is beneficial for our wellbeing. In contrast, work-related stress can affect physical and psychological health, and can compromise both an individual’s performance and organisation’s effectiveness. The Vet Wellbeing Awards aim to recognise the many good things that veterinary practices do to ensure colleagues’ wellbeing and to help the veterinary profession share ideas for supporting wellbeing at work.

We are encouraging practices to sit down as a team (with some refreshments!) and go through the questionnaire together, to celebrate areas where wellbeing is well supported, and highlight and discuss improvements for the future. This is a valuable annual exercise for practices, whether or not you submit your completed questionnaire. All entries will receive feedback to help identify what is being done well and areas to focus on for the future.

For more details, download our ‘How Happy is Your Practice’ leaflet HERE

Tips for completing your questionnaire

The questionnaire covers key aspects of work that, if well-managed, can support wellbeing and reduce the risk of work-related stress. These are:

  • Work demands
  • Workload and work scheduling
  • Relationships at work
  • Career development
  • Communication at work
  • Promoting physical and psychological health at work

Each of these aspects of work is described in more detail here. Read this first to help you to identify examples of things your practice is doing to support colleagues’ wellbeing.

If you need any assistance or further information about entering the Vet Wellbeing Awards please contact:

Tel: 01453 872731